What is Unbelievers?

Unbelievers is one of my original stories im working on. In the future, my plans are to either making it a webcomic or animated series. Both of those possibilities are a long time from now, however. For now I am telling parts of the story through my animations and art.


All of my ocs involved in Unbelievers are listed here.
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In 1986, four kids from a small, secluded town that is surrounded by dense forest called "Rithtov" find themselves in a strange place called "The Obscure." The Obscure is a place in a different plane of existance, and is filled with many terrifying creatures, strange children, and the dark truth of their families' history.
A majority of Rithtov is apart of a cult, who worships an ancient deity known as "Coccindia" or "The Ladybug." They perform many rituals in The Obscure, which are typically sacrifices. Their overall goal is to free Coccindia from "The Pit," which is basically a large pit that Coccindia was banished too for eternity (it's a pretty self-explainitory name.) This has been their goal since the 1920s, when the cult was originally formed.
Act 1 and 2

Unbelievers in seperated into two Acts. (Or seasons? parts? idk)
They occur in chronological order of the story.

ACT ONE: Act one introduces all the characters and settings. It starts off in Rithtov, and then with the kids meeting eachother and wondeering into the Obscure. The Hotel is introduced, and towards the beginning of the act Creed gets into town, exploring the town he was born in and the terrible secrets that reside in it.

ACT TWO: Act two takes place a year after act one. Life seems to be back to normal, and Creed is now stuck in Rithtov. Until one calm spring afternoon, chaos ensues. Creatures from the Obscure flood the town. It is up for Creed and the kids to stop Coccindia and its army before its too late.
And with that, act two wraps up the story of Unbelievers with a bitter sweet ending.
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