What is Loohart?

Loohart is one of my original stories im working on! My hopes are one day making it an animated series (or maybe even a video game!), though that is a long time from now. For now I am telling bits of the story throughout animations and art.


All of my ocs involved in Loohart are listed here.
ruler pagedoll

The plot is fairly simple, basically a war starts between two dimensions. But, a lot of things happen during this war. Some of these things are: a literal god walking amongst the planet ( who is planning to wipe out all of existance), hundreds of murderers trying to overrun an already corrupt country, and many more! During the war, the story follows how all these different characters are effected by the war, and how certain ones bring it to an end.
oh also it takes place in 2007.

Before this all happens, however, the story starts off just introducing and explaining the lives of the characters.
D1, D2, and The Dimensional War

In the universe of Loohart, there are infinate dimensions. To keep things simple, one of these dimensions, which we call "D2" for short, finds it's way into another dimension. This goes against the laws of nature and overall existance. The dimension D2 finds it's way into is called D1. A hivemind from D2 tries to take over D1, and thus the Dimensional War begins.
(i know the word dimension is repeated a lot, whoops!)
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